Gloves are indispensable personal protective equipment (PPE) worn on the hands to shield against various hazards in a wide array of industries and activities. Constructed from materials such as leather, rubber, latex, or synthetic fibers, gloves serve multiple purposes, including protection against cuts, abrasions, chemicals, heat, and biological contaminants. Different glove types are designed to address specific workplace risks, with variations such as nitrile gloves for chemical resistance, Kevlar gloves for cut protection, and insulated gloves for thermal insulation in high-temperature environments. Additionally, gloves are available in different sizes and styles to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum dexterity, enabling workers to perform tasks safely and efficiently without compromising hand safety.

Selecting the appropriate gloves requires careful consideration of the specific hazards present in the work environment, as well as factors such as comfort, durability, and flexibility. Regular inspection and maintenance of gloves are essential to detect signs of wear and tear that could compromise their protective capabilities. Proper glove usage, including donning and doffing procedures, as well as proper disposal in the case of single-use gloves, are critical aspects of occupational safety protocols. With ongoing advancements in materials and design, gloves continue to evolve to meet the evolving needs of workers across diverse industries, providing essential hand protection to safeguard against workplace injuries and illnesses.

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